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Working With Sonphonon™

SDS Sonphonon™ laminate is normally utilised where a flat sheet can be used. The pictures on the left show laminated dampers being tested on a transformer to reduce radiated hum and also include other SDS fabrications.

Folding & bending is the most difficult forming operation it requires the use of appropriate techniques. Springback is greater with SDS sheets than with monolithic steel sheets. Therefore, we recommend over bending, decreasing the bending radius and possibly selecting low yield strength grades (DC04). In order to avoid peeling of the sandwich near the cut edges, we suggest that the minimum distance between the bend and the edge should be at least ten times the thickness of the sheet.

SDS can be rolled punched, deep drawn, welded, screwed & riveted. There are specific techniques for welding, please email or telephone for further infomation.  The slideshow on the left shows Sonphonon™ which has been rolled and bonded to coal hoppers chutes, gas pipelines and large sea water pumps.

It also show an automotive sump which was deep drawn from SDS using DC04 zintec.

When drilling or punching the bottom skin needs to be supported  to prevent the laminate being forced apart. With bends & rolling slippage will occur between the skins, with the outer skin sliding back over the radius of the inner skin. This can be compensated for by making any pre punched holes elongated, increasing the radius of the fold & we can also provide an asymmetric laminate with a thinner layer on the inside. If the slippage shown in the slideshow on the left is not acceptable then fabricate with conventional steel and fit our single skin self adhesive dampers after folding & welding has taken place.