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Place the Isoplatmat on your turntable with a soft mat or our Isocover on top to to protect your vinyl from the mats aluminium surface. Now play your favourite record and be amazed. The SDS Sonphonon™ aluminium converts vibrational energy into negligible amounts of heat which lets your needle process the information in the grooves without interference from feedback and rumble. The photos show an Isoplatmat and also a soft Isocover.

IsoFeet Are 3mm Sonphonon™ steel plates with a soft neoprene base to prevent scratching of shelves and floors. These little gems isolate speakers and components from vibration and feedback. They prevent speakers from driving the floorboards and enable amps and players to work in a more stable environment Components are isolated from driving shelves or receiving energy from them.

Sound Dead Steel
Sounds Distinctly Superior

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Size mm

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295 diameter


SDS Sonphonon IsoPlatMat







285 diameter


SDS Sonphonon IsoPlatMat (Linn)







Fits Both


SDS Sonphonon IsoCover Soft TT Mat







75 x 75


SDS Sonphonon IsoFeet (set of 4)








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